A well-designed product label plays a very important role in the overall marketability of all products these days. And, there are no hard and fast standard rules to follow concerning the labeling of the products. However, a wrap around label that is appealing and attractive in design can grab the attention of consumers easily and effortlessly while affecting their mindset in a very positive way. Certain elements help manufacturers to create a very attractive and appealing label for packaging. This article discusses the same in the following points:

1.An attractive combination of colors 

Very smart use of color must be made to grab the attention of anybody casually walking the aisles of the supermarkets. The choice of colors for any chemically treated wrap-around label depends upon a few certain things that include the color of the container and the material inside it. In case the container is of clear and transparent nature, then the color of the stuff inside also matters. Make sure the color chosen by you doesn’t clash negatively to affect the overall visual appeal of the package.

2.Excellent readability 

Be it a chemically treated wrap-around label or any other one, color and graphics together can grab the attention of the shoppers only when the label offers easy readability. As a product owner, you have just 2 seconds to grab the attention of shoppers exploring the aisles of the supermarkets or any other commercial establishment. Consumers often read a few words on the label and make the immediate decision when satisfied with the presentation of words out there. Make sure your label offers enough readability to attract the shoppers standing at a distance of at least 6 feet.

3. Eye-catching graphics

Eye-catching graphics is also an unfailing tool to draw the attention of shoppers (both online and offline) towards your products. With stock images and illustrations so inexpensive these days, product owners can find a plethora of graphic options to serve their purpose. You can explore a wide range of online destinations to find graphics and images for your products. In case you are not satisfied with the results, then go for some customized eye-catching graphics for a chemically treated wrap-around label.


The type of fonts that you choose for your wrap-around label is the most crucial decision. You have to be equally particular about making your choice just like you were in graphics and colors. While choosing fonts, never go after some standard fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial. Also, avoid choosing the most overused ones like Monotype Corsiva and Papyrus. Choose something different that your product and the label on it deserves.

Concluding Remarks

Jindal Poly Films Limited, a part of the $ 2 billion B.C. Jindal group is the leading company in India that manufactures and supplies high-quality chemically treated wrap-around label. Serving its prestigious customers both in India and abroad for the past 60 years, the company produces a comprehensive range of world-class packaging solutions that include BOPP Films, PET Films, Metalized Films, Coated Films, CPP Films, Thermal Films, and Non-Tearable Paper (NTR).



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