When planning to pursue a short-term course to enjoy a career in the tourism industry, students can seek admission to one of the best IATA courses in Delhi. The course introduces students to booking air travel tickets and making hotel reservations.

The students are trained to work through software that allows them to work from anywhere and at any time. Using the software, students can research train fares, airfares, and hotels. After gathering all the information, students can make a perfect vacation plan. In this research, students would have to devote a good amount of time. By exploring through different sources, students can get the best destination and comfortable accommodation.

Generally, individuals think it is easy to do the booking online and they try to become travel agents when planning for a holiday. They might get attractive deals but they cannot turn them into the best deals as a travel agent can do for them. A travel agent can use his resources and help customers to get some discounts.

After pursuing IATA courses in Delhi, students can work in the travel industry. They can start working with reputed firms and gain good experience in the field. While working in the industry, students can develop and grow contacts. Using their contacts, students can provide the best services to customers.

Responsibilities of a Travel Agent

When working in the industry, students are trained to manage the various responsibilities of a travel agent. Let us take a look at them.

  • Booking transportation and accommodation facilities.
  • Providing the required travel information through mails.
  • Planning and selling transportation packages that include insurance and other travel services.
  • Understanding clients’ requirements and recommending them with the best vacation plans that include modes of transportation, travel dates, costs, and accommodations.
  • Entering data through software and maintaining client records.
  • Collecting payment from clients.
  • Using promotional techniques to sell itinerary tour packages.
  • Providing solutions to clients for problems faced during travel.
  • Participating in travel seminars to promote business.

Skills Required for Travel Agents

In addition to the knowledge of software, students should also possess essential skills that help to perform better in the field. Read more to know the details. 

  • Knowledge of multiple languages can be a bonus
  • Fluency in English
  • Effective sales skills with commercial awareness
  • Good communication, interaction, and negotiation

Pursue a Foreign Language Course in Delhi

If students do not know multiple languages, they can seek admission to a reputed institute that provides a foreign language course in Delhi. Through the course, students can learn a foreign language that helps them to interact with foreign clients. In this manner, they would be able to serve various clients.

Sum Up

After pursuing one of the short-term IATA courses in Delhi, students can pursue their careers as travel agents. While working in the industry, students can earn hefty pay packages. To get better job opportunities, students can pursue a foreign language course in Delhi. With the knowledge of a foreign language, students have more chances of getting better job options.



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