Polymer-coated steel pipes have been around for many years, but people across the industrial circles are still learning the potential service life offered by them. With an effective and efficient corrugated tube coating line in place, you can convert any steel coil into a large number of styles of corrugated pipes to fulfill various types of market demands including:

  • Highway and railway drainage pipe
  • Storm sewer pipe
  • Bridge replacements pipe
  • Industrial waste pipes.

Corrugation solutions on both plastic and steel pipes offer versatility to maximize their service life as well as performance. Corrugated pipes are manufactured in a comprehensive variety of profiles, as per the end-use applications and market demands. Large-sized corrugated pipes can be produced in diameters up to 3600 millimeters.

Some of the major advantages of corrugated pipes made on corrugated tube coating line include the following:

High production speed

Processed in a sophisticated facility provided by the top manufacturer of corrugated tube coating line and screw and barrels, the production speed of corrugated steel and plastic pipes is higher than smooth pipes due to their lightweight.

Huge savings on materials

Corrugated pipes have a specific structure that saves huge on materials (up to 60%) in comparison to smooth pipes of the same ring stiffness and diameter.

Easy handling 

Corrugated plastic pipes made on the sophisticated corrugated tube coating line offer more ease of use than the pipes made of concrete, steel, glass fiber, and clay. What’s more, they can be easily installed without applying any heavy equipment.

High resistance to corrosion 

The corrugated pipes that are made using HDPE, PP, or PVC have a higher level of corrosion resistance than all other conventional piping systems.

Excellent water flow

Corrugated pipes come with a smooth surface especially in the inner layer of the double-wall that ensures extra-smooth water flow.

Concluding Remarks

Supermac is one of the leading companies in India manufacturing and supplying corrugated tube coating line along with screw and barrels used in tube coating and extrusion. The company right since inception has been a frontrunner in terms of ideating, innovating, and creating newer products. The exemplary quality orientation has earned the company the prestigious Gold Award at Quality Summit in New York.


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