Medical extrusion carried out in a facility provided by the top medical tubing extrusion machinery manufacturer in India involves the process of forcing molten thermoplastics through a die to obtain the wanted shapes after the items get cooled. An extrusion facility for medical tubing is capable of producing high-grade medical tubes, small diameter tubing for catheters, drug delivery solutions, and drainage tubes. The extrusions available in medical tubing are both single and multi-layer.

Material for medical tubing needs unique characteristics 

Small tubes, produced through a set-up provided by the top medical tubing and sheathing line machine for LT Cables suppliers and utilized for minimally invasive diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedures, need raw materials that can offer unique characteristics. The material scientists design and develop fully customized polymer formulations to make sure that optimal product performance, as well as extrusion quality, is achieved. The experts in the tool room make all the preparations of a quick turnaround with tight-tolerance dies for better prototype and production extrusion runs.

Some major issues that manufacturers confront during the extrusion process

As medical tubing solutions processed in a facility provided by the top medical tubing extrusion machinery manufacturer in India are used in very crucial applications, there must be no room for any error or flaw. Some of the major issues that manufacturers confront during extrusion procedure include the following:

  • Melt fracture
  • Pressure control
  • Gels, and
  • Downstream considerations.

Any of the above issues can never be overlooked or neglected even for the smallest possible procedural flaws. Even the slightest issues overlooked can be the cause of the inefficiency of impact tolerances while generating scrap in medical tubing.

The employment of flexible tubing products in medical procedures

Numerous operations in medical tubing performed in a facility provided by the top medical and sheathing line machine for LT Cables suppliers include the transmission of liquids to or from the patient and utilize a wide range of adaptable tubing solutions. Examples include:

  • Taking/giving sets (for bonding, implantation, dialysis)
  • Catheters (intravenous, cardiovascular)
  • Endotracheal tubes (for intubation or sedation)
  • Tracheostomy tubes, and
  • Cystoscopy instruments.

Although the use of plastics in medical procedures is around 2% of the total consumption, their commercial value holds immense significance for both the users and manufacturers. This value is maintained and taken care of by the providers of the top medical tubing extrusion machinery manufacturer in India. These manufacturers meet the needs of the market by deploying the best of machinery, industrial-grade raw materials, and innovative technology to meet the expectations of the customers in the medical industry.

Concluding Remarks

Established in the year 1974, Supermac Industries (India) Limited is a leading medical tubing extrusion machinery manufacturer and one of the top sheathing line machine for LT Cables suppliers in India. The tube manufacturing line deployed by the company is an extremely sophisticated combination of men and machines that always ensures the high precision required in medical and other precision pipe manufacturing processes. The line can run with the cut to length cutter facility that saves a lot of scrap during production.


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