Heaters differ in terms of functionality and use in different machines. For instance, an immersion heater is used in a laundry for a constant flow of heated water. A heating element in a refrigerator is used to keep the sides warm to avoid the condensation of water vapor. This is how the definition of heating elements depends on their uses. This is how Refrigerator heating elements differ from that of the immersion ones.

How heaters are designed

The design of the immersion heaters depends on their use and industrial operation. It can be solely used for heating a liquid or for keeping a machine heated or for air heating purposes. Here is what was explored and considered to design a heating element.

1. What to heat?

A heating element is designed based on the fluid to be heated. It can be a gas or a liquid. Chemical plants need heating elements for transferring heat to a fluidic medium. Similarly, a laundry will need it to heat water or washing purposes. This is where the chemical nature of the fluid is considered. Its density, specific heat capacity, etc are taken into account for developing immersion heaters.

2. Operational requirements

This is where the specific industrial requirements are considered. The flow rate of the fluid will determine the heating rate of the system. It is also determined whether a liquid has to be hated in a stagnant condition or not.

3. Area of heat transfer

The Refrigerator heating elements are designed based on the area to be heated to serve the purpose. Similarly, finned heaters come with fins to transfer more heat to a medium than conventional heaters. This is how industrial heaters are designed considering the surface area of the heating element.

4. Design of the unit

The design features of the heating unit used in an industry will also determine the heating element design. Needless to say, an industrial heater will have to accommodate the heating unit first. It will also come with a control panel.

Choosing the right heating element

A manufacturer can also build customizable Refrigerator heating elements based on the industrial requirement. These factors are considered to make such designs.


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