There is a significant tilt from physical security to cyber-security. The wireless camera is a rare union of digital and physical. If you notice, you will find hundreds of wireless cameras hidden behind trees, lampposts, traffic signals, even you will find in private properties. With the advancement of technology, the use of CCTV cameras has increased manifolds. The convenience of installation, convenient viewing options are some of the reasons for the growing popularity of these surveillance devices.

Use Secure Connection

When you install a CCTV camera for office, always use a secure wireless network. Routers should be configured using encoded WPA2 technology so that hackers cannot identify your IP address. Over a secure, stable, and fast network connection, you can view video footage on a real-time basis. The footage from CCTV cameras can be really helpful in settling disputes. Whether it is a feud between employees or arguments between customers and staff, the footage is a referral to the actual event.  You can remotely monitor the activities of your staff, who visited your office; every incident under the roof is captured and recorded by the camera.

Enhance your security

Replace old obsolete security systems with hd CCTV camera for home to make it more safe and protected. Traditional security system goes off in case of power failure, phone or internet connection disruptions. When you use state of the art wireless security systems, there is no external phone cable or internet wire which could be cut off, to make the system ineffective. The dedicated secure connections are not prone to attack from hackers. The battery power backup makes certain that the alarm will go off in an emergency case, even if there is no power.

A wireless camera for home security is easy to install. The security panels, wireless sensors make it an unbeatable surveillance system. Another major advantage of the wireless security system is the service provider can fix the problem from the customer support center. There is no need for a technician to visit your premise; they can remotely access your system to identify and fix the issue.


You always want your loved ones to be safe and always out of harm’s way. When you go for a tour, you always pray that your family is safe while you are away. But you hope against hope. The crime rate is increasing all over the world, and in metropolitans, it is a bitter reality. Many people are reluctant to take appropriate measures to mitigate the chance of burglary, intrusion in their property. A burglary has immense and distressing consequences both in terms of money and emotion. The financial loss can be recovered, but the mental trauma and pain one suffers, it leaves the scar forever. A research paper published by Rutgers School of Criminal Justice shows the security system discourages buglers from carrying out their roguish activities. Buglers move back if they discover that a security sy


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