It is always refreshing to know what is happening in your office or home when you are not present over there. If you have a smart video camera installed in your home or office, you can instantly view the activities inside your home or office in your smartphones. Through smart security cameras, you can watch real-time happenings in your home. You can check if your kid is back from school, or your pet has taken its meal just by looking at your Smartphone, opening the app. Most of these cameras have inbuilt motion detection sensors, which records whenever there is acting like someone knocking at your door.

Deterring intruders

You can install a dome camera in-ceiling or hang it on the wall, depending on the application and field of view required. There are many varieties of this type of cameras available in the market; it could be IP or analog, permanent or mobile. PTZ domes can rotate, tilt, and focus on objects to have a closer view. Many come with thermal or infrared illuminators for night vision. When you install a CCTV camera for Office in your premises, it acts as a deterrent to intruders. The sight of a surveillance camera surmises the presence of law and warns intruders to enter the property.

With an increasing number of crimes purchasing CCTV camera is the need of the hour, which strengthens the security of your home. If there is an unfortunate occurrence of crime in your home, CCTV footage is evidence of the vandalism. It acts as important evidence as it shows time, place, and, most importantly, the suspects. When you install it in your office, it records the entry time of your staff. You also know who had visited your office at which time and when they left. There are other benefits of installing CCTV cameras in your business premises. When you install, it provides you peace of mind.

Smartphone alerts

A home security camera with smartphone alerts is a great feature. You can view the events on a real-time basis in your Smartphone, which gives you enough time to react to an emergency.  Even if you are out of town, having dinner with friends, or doing a workout in a gym, if you see the alert, you can call emergency service. This smart feature protects you from any eventualities.

A home security system fortifies and secures entry points of your home with devices linked to the control panel or command center, installed in a convenient place of your home. The sensors are usually placed at vulnerable places like doors, easily accessible windows, particularly constructed at ground level. Open space and backyard can be protected with motion sensors. Your personal computer acts as a control panel of your home security system. It activates and deactivates the system. It connects all sensors placed in the house, ring alarm if any predetermined standard of security is violated. There are passwords to activate and deactivate the system and can be controlled remotely


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