Safety gives you a better feeling, and it’s shocking and violating if someone enters your premises without any notice. Installing a doorbell, security camera makes your home safe, and you can relax and feel protected when you are home. When a digital smart doorbell camera is installed, you can see who is knocking at your door without moving an inch, even if you are not home. The sophisticated, state of the art doorbell camera enables you to view the person from head to toe, and the software can differentiate between animals, plants, packages, and people.

X-ray vision

The inbuilt siren sends you an alert and scares away intruders. The batteries provide an alternate power source if the electricity is switched off suddenly. Modern doorbell cameras have a rapid response time as the software and hardware are of excellent quality. The advanced software can distinguish between animals, plants, packages, and humans, so it does not trigger a false alarm. A false alarm is very infuriating and frustrating. The sensors of the system are very sensitive and can record video footage for five long minutes. The audio quality of two-way communication between speaker and microphone is lucid and clear. You can view 1536×1536 video resolutions in a 180 degree viewing angle in a quadrangle layout. You get a complete upright and parallel view and can watch every movement on the other side of the door. The system is computable to Google’s assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The Digital fortress

In this era of advanced technology, security cameras for home in India make your home a digital fortress. Most electronic appliances can be managed from your Smartphone, including your doorbell camera, which is the first thing your guests encounter.  A digital doorbell attached with a camera record and play live video stream of the happenings in front of your door. As it provides you with a live video stream, you need not bother to get up and peep to see who the visitor is. The data is fed to electronic devices to your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone so you can watch it anytime you wish.

The process

Security systems are designed in such a manner that when security is breached, certain tasks start performing automatically. The post-activity after intrusion depends on the system of the security you have installed in your home or office. If an inbuilt siren is there in the system, the high decibel alarm gets triggered if some security problems arise. As the alarm goes off, the local police station and the supervising company are alerted of the security breach.

Trained personnel from the security company will communicate with you with a two-way communication system incorporated in the security system or dialing your registered mobile number. They can call you over the home phone line or to your cell number. The security company will alert the appropriate local emergency agency in your locality. They could inform the police, firefighters, or paramedics depending on the nature of the occurrence.


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